What is the role of an advertising agency in the new social economy? That question led to our creation of °shaper, the innovation incubator began at DDB Group Sydney. As much a philosophy as it is a methodology, °shaper uses design-thinking techniques and a rotating cast of resources to systematically solve problems we observe in our world. Solutions are prototyped and developed as IP or sold to clients as viable, conscious alternatives to traditional communications in building brand awareness and new business streams.

The first °shaper project needed to be inherently Australian. We wanted to create a solution that our community could really embrace, so we looked to our favourite pastimes to see how we could make them better. Surfing was a quick and clear winner, and the biggest little problem with that part of life seemed to be where to stash our keys when we head out to the waves.

Thus was born, Surfkey – a waterproof, shockproof bracelet with a single button function to unlock your car doors. Simple by the standards of most wearables today, this solution delivers a no-fuss, no-frills experience that does the one thing you need and does it well. Leave the keys in the car, chuck on your SurfKey and paddle out!

ECHO : Crowdsourced public saftey for the streets of Australia

The quality of life in Sydney is better than anywhere else in the world. Yet many people feel unsafe walking the streets at night, especially when they are on their own. The prevalence of alcohol-fuelled violence, unprovoked attacks and verbal and physical assault committed by a few disturbed citizens has resulted in fear - impacting on the public’s ability to enjoy their city and quality of life.

ECHO is an app-based platform that utilizes crowd-sourced safety information to suggest a safer route home. It connects vulnerable people with their social networks while they are walking to their destination, and in case a threatening situation occurs it offers the possibility to alert emergency services with one press of a button through Bluetooth-connected to third-party wearable technology partners. The product is currently in prototype testing in collaboration with area law enforcement and University groups.
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